Will of Thomas Conway Jr. 1879
Ontario Archives, 1013992-2, Reel 175
"To my father, mother, brothers,brother-in-law James McAdam and sisters
......my life assurance of $1000.
To my father I do give and bequeath that sum accruing from a chattel mortgage
held from Thomas Enright, the said mortgage being on two grey mares and the
said mortgage being $107.80.(He also forgave his father's debt to him.)
To my mother, $37.50 due me by John McGuire for labour done by me and $25
due me by Peter Foy for labour done by me for him, that is, Peter Foy, Hagarty
Township. To my mother $42. due by John Gorman of Admaston Township."
A number of other creditors are also listed.
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